Ocean advantage was focus with the large carriers operating in the US-Central America trades. Since then we hace continued to add new regions of the world to our trade areas and recognizable names to our growing list of satisfied customers.

we have all been privileged to witness consistent double-digit growth for our company and it's investors and disproportionately higher returns for our customers. And even though we've added newer (more efficient) methods of providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate auditing solutions available anywhere.
Today, we are able to leverage our strengths through proprietary computer-based audit systems that now enable any carrier from any worldwide location to benefit from participating in our quick turn-around, money saving, quality-control programs. Customers are now able to benefit from the Internet and our own DAC & TCI Intra-net to access carrier-specific internal ratings, documentation systems, computerized tariff retrieval systems and improved electronic communications.

Finally, you have an easy, affordable way to use shipping intelligence to:
· Find new and better suppliers, more profitable markets and hidden business opportunities
· Benchmark your performance against your competition
· Better Track and Understand international trade trends and forecasts
· Support all your strategic decision-making

Why not put OCEAN ADVANTAGE to work for you?