Our group offer you good options to know us, as services companies and tools for your audits,stats, movements and collections for your equipments:

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Demurrage Collection Services, Inc.

Advanced Container Tracking, Demurrage Invoicing, Import and Export Documentation, Quick & Highly-Effective Collections and closure.
this company provide to carriers a comprehensive administration for billing and collections of container for demurrage, detentions and other services.


The Advantage Law Firm.

The Advantage Law Firm is a leading International Law firm which has been practicing in Panama and Central America.


Data Solution Services.

Organization founded by a group of professionals from different industries such as technology, logistics and commerce.


Member's tools


This is a powerful tool used by Ocean Advantage Group to control the activities more important of the maritime cargo.


Access your e-mail with SSL Security from anywhere and any PC in the world(EMPLOYEES ONLY).


Transfer your data files and download documents about your operations.


Inland Demurrage Services

Manage Inland movement, billing and collecting for you.